Our Hospital

Welcome to Coventry Veterinary Clinic—we’re glad you’re here!

Established in 2023, our clinic is founded on a vision of offering progressive, quality veterinary services while maintaining a warm, personalized approach. With proud Nebraska native Dr. Riesselman at the helm, our commitment to the community runs deep—and every member of our dedicated team works diligently to ensure both you and your pet feel at home. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we’re elated to have you join our family.

Today, our purpose is to creating a better life for pets and people through education, progressive medicine, and healthy relationships. Our team is committed to our core values:

  • Family – Healthy relationships with co-workers and clients are vital.
  • Teamwork – We must work together in a concerted effort toward the same goals.
  • Progressive – Driven to adapt and improve.
  • Compassionate – Caring for all through our actions and words.
  • Integrity – Honesty and transparency guide our actions and interactions.

As a proud member of the Omaha community, we deeply value the local essence of our practice, fostering collaborations that enhance the well-being of our neighborhood pets. In 2022, we created the Omaha Vets Group (OVG), a regional network of clinics in the Metro area connected to share resources and provide your pet with access to the best patient care at any of the locations.

What makes Coventry Veterinary Clinic unique?

We Value Your Time:
We appreciate our clients and recognize that your time is precious. Our goal is for little to no wait time, ushering clients into exam rooms shortly after check-in. We work diligently behind the scenes utilizing teamwork so the technicians and doctors will maximize their time with clients. We are staffed well to handle calls without needing to call back hours later in most cases.

Integrated Management:
Our managers work in our clinics, not in another state! Our veterinarians practice daily in the clinics and know the day-to-day ebb and flow of the clinics.

We’re part of Omaha Vets Group (OVG). OVG practices work together to provide you with consistent pricing, processes, protocols, values, and operations! We use technology to easily share files between clinics, and our veterinarians collaborate and consult weekly on cases. As a member, we can provide you with better pricing and offer referrals to other group members for services or products if we are unavailable or out of stock.

At Coventry Veterinary Clinic, our dedicated team prioritizes your pet’s well-being above all. We provide comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats encompassing:

Our proactive stance on preventive care, combined with a strong emphasis on educating our clients, positions us as a dependable partner in every phase of your pet’s journey. To set up an appointment, call us at (402) 322-2842 or request an appointment online today!