Client Education

Exam Training @ Home (Dogs)

Do you have a dog that is anxious or doesn’t seem to enjoy visits to the vet? We have created some resources to ensure they become accustomed to being handled how they will at the veterinary office and have a positive association.

Exam Training at Home – Dogs

Exam Training @ Home (Cats)

Training and preparing your feline friends for an upcoming veterinary appointment can often reduce fear, and make the visit an overall positive experience. Click the link below to access our free resource that will assist you in training your cat for doctor’s appointments from the comfort of your home.

Exam Training at Home – Cats

Fear Free Happy Homes

Understanding your pet’s behavior is the first step in strengthening the bond you share. These resources offer guidelines for helping your pet be confident and comfortable in any setting.

Fear Free Happy Homes

Noise Aversion

Many dogs become very anxious about noise when their owners are out, especially when the sounds are loud and unexpected (such as fireworks on the fourth of July). If left alone, dogs can funnel their anxiety into destruction- including vocalizing, digging, chewing-or even running away.

Studies show that at least one in three dogs suffers from noise aversion. Your dog could be suffering in silence. Watch the video below to look for the signs and how you can help make your furry friends more comfortable.

Heat Stroke in Dogs